Marlena Wyman

Marlena Wyman is an Edmonton artist who was born and raised on a farm in southern Alberta. Marlena works in encaustic painting, printmaking, watercolour, and mixed media.  Her work incorporates the concepts of memory and remembrance and our relationship with the natural world.

Marlena's work as an archivist has influenced her artwork, and she incorporates vintage photographs into her paintings.  Marlena also has a fascination with the Victorian era and its predilection toward collecting and natural science.  She interprets the concept of Victorian natural history cabinets in her paintings through the incorporation of dried and pressed botanical specimens, embedding them in the beeswax.

Marlena has had her studio in the historic Ortona Armoury Arts Building since 1993. She was the first artist to exhibit at the Ortona Gallery in 1995, and continues to exhibit there. The historic Ortona building has been a very inspiring space for her, and the arts community in the Ortona building has provided support and encouragement for her art career. Marlena has been very involved in the support of the building as well: she has served as the Secretary of the Ortona Armoury Tenants’ Association (OATA) since its inception in 1998, and was instrumental in the successful designation of the building as a municipal historic resource in 2004.

The Victorians Collect Insects - Encaustic painting

The Victorians Collect Insects
Encaustic painting - Marlena Wyman

The King of Hearts - Relief Print

King of Hearts
Relief print - 4"X4" - 2002 - Marlena Wyman