Duane Burton

Duane Bodard Burton

I am a video producer; researcher and writer, with a background in geography, social work and cross cultural education.  Being invited to
produce videos on Aboriginal issues has been the most challenging and rewarding, and I continue to be a student of teachings
from Native Oral Traditions.  

“Reading the River: A Traveller’s Companion to the North Saskatchewan River” was an award winning book published by Coteau Books
in 2005 – “An Extraordinary look at an Extraordinary River”.  Writer Candace Savage wrote “Myrna Kostash and Duane Burton
catch the North Saskatchewan River in full literary flood as a river of stories, poetry and romance.”

Most recently I am producing a series of videos on Alberta’s pioneer social workers for the Alberta College of Social Workers.

I really like the idea of honoring the history and legacy of the Ortona with this web project and I feel privledged to be a part of it.  
Curious and interesting people drop by when I am at work and I enjoy giving them a historical tour  and also introducing them to the
curious and interesting people who work here!